Posted by: Frederick Cornwell Sanders | 2011/11/03

November Sunrise

I was greeted this morning with a sunrise that surpasses normal. This was an amazing sunrise for several reasons. The vapor trails were huge and numerous. The sun’s reflection off the trails was incredibly brilliant. And, I thought I was seeing meteors falling. So, the scene was recorded for myself and others to ponder.

Many of us have, as children, as artists, or as photographers, wanted to capture a wonderful sunrise or sunset. These times of the day seem to have a spiritual sense. From the atmosphere magnifying everything to deeply angled light patterns, the period of dawn and dusk are many people’s favorite times of the day.  Just to prove my point, view a short video titled,  “Santa Monica Pier: Ferris Wheel” by the videographer, Jeff Pingley,  from the Santa Monica Ferris Wheel at sunset. ( ) This visual trip lifts your well-being.

This morning odyssey was both spectacular and weird. I was not sure if  the military was on maneuvers or the residue of a comet or asteroid was making a statement. The real value in this group of thirty-five photographs is both recording history and using the event to inspire my creativity.  Claude Monet was often drawn to the moodiness of dawn and dusk. His paintings of Parliament focus on the mood of the sun-scape and how Big Ben is influenced by lighting without losing its iconic silhouette.

What is striking about these photographs is a startling vividness and the unusual twist of vapor trails or cloud formations. The arresting images draw the viewer to wonder and to ponder. The thoughts of the viewer are shaped by the preconceived notions as the initial thrust surprises the viewer. The acceptance or rejection of the images will be based on the palatability of the viewer to experiences that approximate the visual record presented.

There is a certain outlandish quality to the images. They are sublime  and emotional, yet the subject matter is presented on a plane with an uncomfortable height, breadth, and depth. The colors, textures, rendering, and progressive realization offer a singular path not often seen. The acquaintance is lost, and the vision is toward overwhelming.

Your thoughts are welcome.

All the photographs are copyrighted 2011 by Frederick Cornwell Sanders. All worldwide rights are reserved by the photographer. All permissions must be granted by the copyright holder.

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