Posted by: Frederick Cornwell Sanders | 2011/12/19

Clues to Being Closer – Zephaniah 1:5-7


We often get articles showing us how to get closer to that girl friend, parent, office worker, or an acquaintance, but how do you get closer to YHWH. Surprisingly, many people do not have any clue. I know I am still discovering answers to making YHWH the closest relationship.

Zephaniah‘s message from YHWH provides insight into building a strong bond to YHWH. First, read the first chapter and verses five through seven. Noticing several, let me review them with you.

A relationship with YHWH, our God, involves worship. What do you spend most of your time doing? Where is your mind’s focus? Where do you place yourself? In verse five, the priests were worshipping the planets,, focusing on celestial order, and on the roof looking at the sky instead of looking at the Temple.

In worship, lip service and grand pronouncements about your religion, is not a claim to be following YHWH. Do we pray to our Creator? Is our example in line with YHWH’s teaching? Do we have a realistic view of ourselves? I find my humility is sadly lacking, my appreciation underwhelming, my thankfulness is not there, and my ego thinks I should rule the world using my cynical opinions. You see, we all have the tendency to worship ourselves or someone else before worshipping truthfully YHWH.

Some of us no longer worship YHWH for one reason or another. Zephaniah encourages a return to your God, YHWH, in verse six. For the created to turn his back on the Creator, this line of thinking makes no logical sense and no heavenly sense. So where do you think you came from?

Our egos are so centered on ourselves, babbling, spending, racing, gossiping, clutching, manipulating, etc. that we rarely “stand in silence” recognizing YHWH’s presence. The rat race to beat out the neighbor and conquer our fellow-man takes the majority of our time, our thoughts, and our actions.

When we think we are getting somewhere under our own steam, do we ask for the blessing of YHWH? Are we sure that YHWH really wants to bless us this way? Do we think we know better what that blessing should be from YHWH? I, after thinking about it, have very little clue what blessing YHWH has for me. Champagne and caviar sound like a great blessing, but what would bring me closer to YHWH?

And, decidedly, I rarely want to admit I am lost, confused, misguided, untaught, ignorant, mistaken, or that I need more guidance and teaching. DO we rebel at asking for YHWH’s guidance or forget that guidance is available? Like men not wanting to ask for directions or women believing gossip brings us all closer, everyone should and are able to ask YHWH to guide one’s life if we can humble ourselves to get the request out to YHWH.

Our God, our Almighty, our Creator wants us to ask for guidance and wants us to seek YHWH’s blessings. Allowing our humility to be our constant companion present a realistic focus to receiving that hoped for close relationship with YHWH.

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