Posted by: Frederick Cornwell Sanders | 2011/12/19

Favorites in Design: Bocage Plantation

Hittorff's reconstruction of Temple B at Selin...

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When I lived in Louisiana, one of the wonderful things one can do is visit the plantations along the River. Yes, the Mississippi River hosts a grand population of historic homes that define southern architectural history. One of my favorites is a smaller plantation known as Bocage south of Baton Rouge.

This residential jewel has been restored from the time I saw the house in the 1980s. Then, the whitewash did little to enhance its Greek Revival simplicity. Now, the photographs I have seen show the elegance of scale and proportion that sing timelessness.

I would recommend a tour of these southern estates and  absorb the unique history and experience the humidity. You may laugh about the humidity, yet that single aspect of the River’s cultural landscape helps define, mold, and evolve the architecture and landscape architecture of residential design. Those that do not appreciate pale blue ceilings, shutters, and deep overhangs will be reminded of their good use when the electricity is down after a storm.

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