Posted by: Frederick Cornwell Sanders | 2012/01/10

Kudos – SuperMex in Downtown Long Beach

I went over to SuperMex in downtown Long Beach, California to pick up dinner.

While asking for my fish taco and chicken enchilada, I was expecting to patiently wait while the order came to the front counter. As I sat there reading about the economic downfall of the Western Hemisphere in one of the local magazines, I was not expecting to be interrupted for my order arriving.

In my surprise, I thank the woman behind the counter for such quick service. Her happy reply, “we try,” was in contrast to the political mismanagement of everyone’s financial system.

My second surprise was the food itself. The fish taco was full to the edge with a slab of fish filet and guacamole! The chicken enchilada had cheese and shredded chicken to satisfy my surprise.

Thank you for stimulating my taste buds, my economic outlook, and adding some joy to that evening.

Excellent work, SuperMex!


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