Posted by: Frederick Cornwell Sanders | 2012/01/14

” Star Fabric “

Overall View

The new header, “ Star Fabric “, was inspired by how stars vibrate or twinkle in the night sky.   Because of atmospheric distortions, a star is rarely so clearly seen.   City lights, clouds, fog, smoke, pollution, etc. present a star in disguise, so to speak.   As the star actually is seen, by the eye or low magnification, the reflection distorts and reflects the changes in the atmosphere.

Atmosphere can act like gauze over the star or another sky object producing an indistinct image to the viewer.

Star Fabric ” is copyrighted 2010-2012 by Frederick Cornwell Sanders.   If you would like an image of this art piece or would like more information this work on paper, please support the artist by visiting Red Bubble where other works are presented for your viewing and purchase.


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