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Capernaum 2584 i, The Use of Context in Bible Study – Part II

Palestine after Herod's death

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Capernaum 2584 i, The Use of Context in Bible Study –  Part II

As the context of the passage is better understood, the reader’s realization or understanding increases. As a case in point, the town of Capernaum, in the Tetrarchy of Galilee and Perea, figures into Christ’s life substantially as our Lord uses Capernaum as an early ministry ‘base of operations.’ ii The sixteen verses, in the New Testament Gospels, specifically mention Capernaum. iii Other verses in the New Testament provide more contextual information about Capernaum while not specifically mentioning the border town, with its garrison and custom’s house directly. iiii All this information allows one to better visualize Christ’s reason for being there. v

i James Strong, A Concise Dictionary of the Words in the Greek Testament; With Their Renderings in the Authorized English Version (Madison, New Jersey: publisher unknown at this time, 1890), page 39.

iii Spiros Zodhiates, The Complete Word Study New Testament with Parallel Greek (Chattanooga, Tennessee: AMG Publishers, 1992), 1055.

v Place names like Cana, Galilee, and Tiberias would have all been part of Herod Antipas‘s Tetrarchy of Galilee and Perea.



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