Posted by: Frederick Cornwell Sanders | 2012/01/29

Capernaum, The Use of Context in Bible Study – Part IIII

Roman Centurion from Project Gutenberg's Young Folks' History of Rome (1880), by Charlotte Mary Yonge 1823-1901

Deutsch: Die englische Schriftstellerin Charlo...

Charlotte Mary Yonge 1823-1901

From a personality perspective, people are vital part of Jesus‘s mission, support, and dissemination. In Chapter 8, Verse 5, Capernaum is home to a Centurion heading up the Roman garrison stationed next to the Sea of Galilee. A Centurion usually has, plus or minus, 100 men under his command. i Since it is a garrison town, other military may also be a part of the Roman presence. ii This clue, to the reader, helps one understand the motivation for Jesus to transition from the insular village of Nazareth to the more worldly, Roman influenced, Capernaum. It is known that Capernaum has a Roman bath. iii The town also has strong ties to agriculture and fishing. iv These entities need people to support and work town resources. Also, several of Christ’s disciples and eventual Apostles reside in or near Capernaum’s shores. Matthew, Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John are mentioned in Matthew. v

i This number is adjusted depending on the Roman era wants to examine. Wikipedia says 83. But since Centurions were officers, double the number or staff number may be added. See more at

iii John Dominic Crossan and Jonathan L. Reed, Excavating Jesus: beneath the stones, behind the texts (New York, HarperCollins Publishers subsidiary of News Corporation, 2001) 125.

iv See Kefar Nahum (Capernaum), the Village of Nahumby Halvor Ronning or

v See Matthew 4:18 – 22 and Matthew 9:9.



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