Posted by: Frederick Cornwell Sanders | 2013/09/23

Daily Spirituality

Spirituality is not difficult to practice. Like any habit, spirituality takes time, effort, and commitment. I started by just reading to get my mind on spiritual things. And, I started with daily readings. The time spent was 15 minutes at first.

I have a daily reading that prepares me for the day. First, I highlight the subject matter in the first read through. Second, highlight all the nouns and pronouns. Thirdly, I highlight important statements that speak to me. These three readings help me retain what I read.

This is done fearlessly. No human is watching. No one is judging you. This practice is for you alone connecting to a higher power for yourself.

I have several sources I read from. I especially enjoy Our Daily Bread from RBC Ministries which can be found in several formats. I look forward to discovering what the writers have come up with to write about. I keep my daily reading where I can find it easily and where it can be seen throughout the day. I may want to read it again!

spirituality shelf


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