Posted by: Frederick Cornwell Sanders | 2013/09/24

Having Time to Think

English: Stepping stones across the pond at Ch...

English: Stepping stones across the pond at Chartwell Apparently Sir Winston Churchill used to meditate at this spot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I give myself a portion of the day to meditate, think about God, and to talk to God. Many of us do not do this often enough. While it is easy to do, many of us use our time for other things.

It is easy in our modern world to fall to a rat race mentality. All our responsibilities keep us from God. This results in a life full of temporary joy, a life with little satisfaction, and a life controlled by others.

The time I spend alone thinking does several things. I prioritize my day with God, I focus on what is really important, and I seek wisdom to conquer all those opposing forces.

I like to start sometime in the morning. I study the Bible, meditate, think, plan, pray, and evaluate. The order changes every day and the time expended is open-ended. Your situation may need to have time provided in the evening.

Whenever you do choose to do your personal thinking time, it should be alone.

I had a client who designed a personal space for his private time. He was serious in his spiritual space, and the design provoked meditation. Evidently, Churchill, at Chartwell, had his own private space for personal time.

However you have the time, it will benefit you and you will gain some sense of control.


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