Posted by: Frederick Cornwell Sanders | 2013/09/29

Vladimir Horowitz and His Style

Vladimir Horowitz, full-length photo portrait,...

Vladimir Horowitz, full-length photo portrait, seated at piano, right profile. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vladimir Horowitz, half-length portrait, stand...

Vladimir Horowitz, half-length portrait, standing by steps, facing left (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vladimir Horowitz as he appeared at the time R...

Vladimir Horowitz as he appeared at the time Rachmaninoff met him (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vladimir Horowitz has a special style when playing the piano. The playing is thoughtful and introspective. The technique gives the listener to classical music an opportunity to be introspective. This is music to think by and read a good book with. The music is there in the background to be noticed but only when you want to.

In the 1982 Royal Festival Hall recital, we can get the favor for this thoughtful and introspective. It is as if Horowitz is playing by himself and we are flies on the wall listening. His playing is so personal. Listening to Scarlatti, one can hear the quiet deep thought. Robert Schumann‘s Kinderszenen awakens memories of childhood, both the good and scary. Chopin deepens one’s thoughts and expands one’s emotions.

One of my best memories using this introspective music was at a New Orleans bookstore filled to the ceiling with 19th Century books and this type of music. The atmosphere made me want to stay for hours.

This is also the kind of music for meditation.

Whenever you want a good thoughtful dose of positive introspection, I can recommend Horowitz playing chamber music.



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