Posted by: Frederick Cornwell Sanders | 2013/10/10

“God’s Jealousy” by Rick Sanders

Jeremiah has an uphill fight on his hands trying to convince God not to destroy the Jews and their country. God is fed up with their idol worship, injustice, and immorality.

In Jeremiah 14 and 15, the reader gets a pretty good idea that God is upset. Statements like “I cannot stop weeping’…” and “I am tired of always giving you another chance.” show just the range of emotions God has over the Jewish situation. This is a jealous God wanting his creation to return to Him, but is bent on destroying those heart that will not return to their Creator.

Today, little has changed. What lip service we give to God. We worship timidly. Injustice abounds. And immorality is just as evident as it was when Jeremiah encouraged the people to return to God.

Jeremiah would see little has changed since his time. God may have given Man a chance to redeem himself, but Man has done little to take advantage of his opportunity. Will not God still be jealous?


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