Posted by: Frederick Cornwell Sanders | 2013/10/16

“Filled With Love – a How To” by Rick Sanders

Saint Timothy (ortodox icon)

Saint Timothy (orthodox icon) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I Timothy 1:5 is where Paul instructs Timothy on love. He gives a three-point to Timothy to teach. Christians need to have love to bring on the character of Christ. This comes from:

  • a pure heart
  • a clear conscience
  • a genuine faith

Without these three concepts the love is absent and the result is quibbling over meaningless discussions.

Paul later returns to these concepts in verse 19 of Chapter 1. Timothy, himself, is reminded by Paul to “cling to your faith” and “keep your conscience clear.” Timothy warned of a “shipwrecked” faith without a good conscience, and then provided with two examples of men that had blasphemed God.

A Christian today follows these concepts to a success in love. Sin is of little interest in one’s life. Listening to the inner self is imperative. Practicing faith and noting the results is a strengthening factor.

Where is the Christian love in your life?



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