Posted by: Frederick Cornwell Sanders | 2013/11/11

“November 11, 1919 ” by Rick Sanders

Kallioniemi, childhood home of Kalle Päätalo. ...

Kallioniemi, childhood home of Kalle Päätalo. Photo taken by Jniemenmaa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 1919, on this date, Kalle Päätalo, the Finnish author is born. He dies in 2000. From Wikipedia we read:

Päätalo debuted as a novelist in 1958 with a novel set at a building site in Tampere. In his second novel Our Daily Bread, the first book in the five-volume Koillismaa series, he turned to his native region. By this time, Päätalo was able to turn a freelance writer, and from 1962 until his death he published one book each year. In 1971 he published what was to be the first volume in the 26-volume series Juuret Iijoen törmässä (‘Roots in the Bank of River Ii’), probably the longest autobiographical narrative in the world (some 17,000 pages in total). The series charts Päätalo’s life from his early childhood to the publication of his first novel, at the same time offering an interesting view of Finnish history over some four decades as seen from an individual’s viewpoint.


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