Posted by: Frederick Cornwell Sanders | 2013/11/20

“Jealous or Qana'” by Rick Sanders

James Strong (theologian). Library of Congress...

James Strong (theologian). Library of Congress description: “Prof. James Strong”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Strong’s Concordance, the Hebrew verb form for jealous is qana’ or 7065. By looking at 7065 we get some idea of what God is jealous for and against. This protective and zealous nature is reflected in several passages in the Old Testament. The following verb form qana’ quotes are as follows:

  1. For His holy name/reputation, Ezekiel 39:25
  2. For His land (Israel), Joel 2:18
  3. For Jerusalem, Zechariah 1:14
  4. For (Mount) Zion, Zechariah 8:2
  5. Against graven images, Psalm 78:58

7065 or qana’ is one of a group of words that mention jealous or jealousy. As Christians, we consider God’s opinion when forming our own opinion. This word study is one way to find that opinion.


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