Posted by: Frederick Cornwell Sanders | 2013/11/21

“Psalm 119: Aleph” by Rick Sanders

P Aleph

P Aleph (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Psalm 119 is quite practical for the Godly individual in providing straight forward ways to stay close to God. I the first eight verses many good ideas can be culled from the section called Aleph.

  • People of joy also have integrity
  • Also follow the LORD’s instructions
  • Also obey His laws
  • Also search for God with all their hearts
  • Also do not compromise with evil
  • Also walk only on God’s paths

Midway through the section the tense changes to reflect a more personal tone.

  • We are charged to keep the commandments carefully
  • We are to reflect consistently God’s decrees
  • We are not ashamed when comparing our lives with God’s commands
  • We are to learn God’s regulations
  • We are to thank God by living correctly
  • We obey God’s decrees

In the end, we pray to God not to give up on us. How joyful and personal is your relationship with God on a daily basis? Use this as a list of things to pray about to improve our relationship with God.



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