Posted by: Frederick Cornwell Sanders | 2013/11/30

“Promises and Rescue” by Rick Sanders

David mentions several things he was promised in Psalm 119:153-174 by God. He was promised the following:

  • “protect my life” in verse 154
  • “give me the discerning mind” in verse 169
  • “rescue me” in verse 170

Under rescuing David requests more help:

  • “look upon my suffering and rescue me” in verse 153
  • “I long for your rescue” in verse 166
  • “Listen to me prayer; rescue me…” in verse 170
  • “I have longed for your rescue,…” in verse 174

Are we asking or praying for these things like David did? Are we asking to be rescued?

In contrast, “The wicked are far from rescue, for they do not bother with your decrees.” (verse 155) Which camp do you fall into: those who want rescue or those that do not bother?


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