Posted by: Frederick Cornwell Sanders | 2013/12/12

“Avert Disaster” by Rick Sanders

P. Oxy. VI 846: Amos 2 (LXX)

P. Oxy. VI 846: Amos 2 (LXX) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prayer can avert disaster.

Amos shows how he convinced the LORD to not go through with His intended punishment. In 7:2 locusts are called off from destroying all of Israel‘s crops. The LORD forgives the people by Amos’s simple request.

Amos makes the same request in Verse 5 to stop the coming fire to destroy Israel. Again, the LORD relents and forgives the people.

Amos’s faith is active and real here. The LORD’s love returned is also very real by the fact of the forgiveness given to the people of Israel.

Do we believe in our prayer to God? Do we believe in the forgiveness and love that the LORD provides when we ask in humility, “O Sovereign LORD, please forgive us or we will not survive, for Israel is so small.”


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